With more than 1.5 billion users, Reddit is the sixth most visited website in the US, meaning more people visit it than Instagram, Twitter, eBay, LinkedIn or Netflix. Reddit is basically a social media platform where users can view and share links or text posts for others to see. These posts range from images and videos to news and discussion threads. With hundreds of millions of users, Reddit has become one of the world's most popular websites and provides a platformfor current news and trends.

Reddit is made up of different communities called subreddits. Subreddits have their own pages and are focused on a specific topic, interest or belief. Some popular examples are News, Movies, Funny, IAmA, Pictures and LifeProTips. You can subscribe to as many as you want, and your Reddit homepage will only show you posts from those subreddits. Within these subreddits, individuals may post links or text that relates to the general topic of the subreddit. Other users can then determine a post's popularity by upvoting or downvoting it using the arrows next to its title. The more votes a particular post has, the higher it appears on its subreddit.

Reddit is useful for a lot of things, especially keeping up to date with the latest news, trends, memes, and more. In addition, it allows you to find and join niche communities that you might struggle to find elsewhere online. You can find subreddits for just about anything, with topics ranging from auto repair to woodworking to gluing eyes on inanimate objects.

Reddit in 2022 (New Features/Policies):

Since its launch in 2005, Reddit has remained a mystery to many marketers. Reddit is a user-driven platform that involves discussion and community involvement in content creation or branding. The difference in focus makes Reddit very different from other networks, like Facebook or Instagram where brands naturally find their place.

Reddit Marketing Strategies:

If you really want to get your content out there fast, you might want to consider promoting your posts.

Promoting your posts allows you to keep them featured higher in subreddits as well as target specific groups of users. As with promoted posts on Facebook and other platforms, there will be an icon next to the post that says it has been promoted. So even if the posts are higher, users will still know that it didn't make it to the top of the thread they're reading by itself.

For brands that don't want to pay for native ads, there seem to be two main promotionalstrategies at the moment. First and foremost is hosting an "Ask Me Anything" thread. The second step includes creating or participating in a subreddit discussion about your brand, product, or industry. When "Ask Me Anything" threads (or AMAs) are live, an influencer, executive, or company employee creates a post announcing who they are and encouraging Redditors to ask them questions.

This type of promotion is best when you have an influencer or interesting person associated with your brand who can answer questions quickly and engagingly. However, it can be difficult to get noticed at these types of events if you don't have an interesting host in mind. Another major marketing strategy involves creating or participating in relevant subreddits. Creating a discussion gives potential or current customers a place to talk about what they like about your product or give you feedback. If they use your thread or a user created thread to point out issues or praise your product, you can respond accordingly to show that you care about what they have to say.

One downside to starting or participating in a thread is that you may have to keep an eye on the comments. If you get a lot of negative feedback, you'll want a community manager or team member to address it quickly and in a way that doesn't come across as a fake PR-style comment.

You cannot delete other people's posts, even if they are on a subreddit you created.
Because Reddit is a very niche platform and may require additional experimentation and brainstorming, we don't recommend that small businesses put all their time and effort into it.

Reddit Secrets for Marketers:

• Gain reputation

To be successful in promoting on Reddit, you need to become part of the community and gain the trust of your audience. Don't try to promote a brand with an empty account and zero karma.

• Select content carefully

As your karma grows, start promoting your business. But you should remember: people don't come to Reddit to buy, but above all to communicate, to have fun.

• Communicate actively:

Reddit is not a platform for speaking from a podium, but for sharing opinions. Are people opening discussions under your posts? Join the discussion. Do you see the jokes in your comments? Be smart. Do some research? Show that you value every opinion.

• Offer discounts

There are communities on Reddit dedicated to bargains like "r/deal". Here you can talk about the sale or share your promo code. Choosing the right subreddit and profitable offer will increase brand awareness and help gain user loyalty.

• Use AMA

One of the most popular subreddits is AMA ("Ask Me Anything"), which hosts question-and- answer sessions with experts. The topic starter introduces himself and tells you what he is competent in, and users ask him questions related to the topic.

How to set up an ad on Reddit:

• You can publish and promote advertising publications on the platform. To do this, sign up for Ads Manager and set up targeting – by location, interests or specific subreddits. You can also combine these types to precisely reach your target audience.

• Reddit Ads allows you to create two types of ads: Link Post to redirect the user to the website after clicking, and Text Post to a more advanced version of the publication on Reddit. To make your ads effective, follow the same rules as when creating regular content:

• Try not to force the product: make the publication useful, creative or entertaining. Users should feel that you care about them, not just that you want their money.

• Track trends in the region or community in which you advertise. Use current or "hype" topics.

Advantages of Reddit:

Let's learn what you can do on Reddit and its benefits as a tool for socializing and gathering information.

• Simple to use
• Business friendly platform
• You can easily build traffic
• Reddit is a safe platform
• Helps you stay in touch with the world

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