Facebook is another online social media platform and social networking service owned by the American company Meta Platforms. Founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with fellow Harvard students and roommates Eduard Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes, the company takes its name from the Facebook directories often given to American college students. Membership was initially limited to Harvard students, gradually expanding to other North American universities and, since 2006, to anyone over the age of 13. As of July 2022, Facebook had 2.93 billion monthly active users, and as of July 2022, it was ranked as the third most visited website worldwide. It was the most downloaded mobile app of 2010.

Facebook is accessible from devices with an internet connection. After registration, users can create a profile revealing information about themselves. They can post text, photos, and multimedia that is shared with other users who have agreed to be their "friend" or with other privacy settings publicly. Users can also communicate directly with each other using Facebook Messenger, join interest groups, and receive notifications about their friends' Facebook activities and the pages they follow.

Facebook in 2022 (New Features/Policies):

With roughly 2.96 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2022, Facebook is the most used online social network worldwide. The platform surpassed two billion active users in the second quarter of 2017, a milestone that took just over 13 years to reach. In comparison, Instagram which is also owned by Meta took 11.2 years and Google's YouTube just over 14 yearsto reach this milestone. As of January 2022, Facebook's leading audience base was in India with nearly 330 million users, while the United States was in second place with around 179 million users.

● New IP reporting API

Protecting intellectual property (IP) on social media is now more important than ever. To combat this, Meta has just announced a new IP Reporting API designed to protect original content on Facebook and Instagram.

● Sending marketing messages

A practical function for companies is the Inbox, where they receive all messages from their customers via Messenger, Instagram, Direct, or web chat. The suite is constantly being updated with new features, and recently Meta announced a new option that will allow users to send promotional messages to customers who sign up.

Latest Facebook Ads Features You Must Try:

As Facebook goes from strength to strength, it continues to evolve the platform toprovide users with more intuitive and convenient features. Their popular Facebook Ads platform is no exception and it can be hard to keep up with regular improvements, updates and new features.

Here are five new Facebook Ads features that will open up new possibilities for marketing your products and services.

1. Advertising reels for everyone:

In response to the massive rise in popularity of short video clips led by TikTok, Facebook launched Instagram Reels in late 2020.

2. Text optimization feature per person:

Another convenient feature is the option in the ad settings procedure called "Optimize text per person". When activated, it can differentiate between highlighting the primary headline,or description based on what algorithms tell it about how specific viewers respond to ads.

3. Ads for shops on Facebook:

Facebook Shops was a revolution for the platform. Facebook launched this wildly popular feature in 2020 in response to the massive small business crisis caused by COVID-19. It is an immersive online shopping platform that is free for small businesses to join and market their products to an audience of over 2 billion.

4. The Commercial Evolution of Augmented Reality (AR):

While AR is certainly not new to Facebook or Facebook Ads, it is evolving to become the most interactive virtual brand experience imaginable..
As the demand for AR has increased, Facebook is now looking to improve it and expand the possibilities for all marketers in new and ground-breaking ways. The primary obstacle was that only niche marketers had the necessary 3D assets to translate into an AR experience

5. WhatsApp Business App with Facebook Store Integration:

Facebook Ads has been a click-through feature on WhatsApp since 2018, but recent developments have allowed the entire Facebook Shop to be published on WhatsApp Business. It gives marketers the opportunity to seamlessly communicate with clients across both platforms and gives customers an immersive brand experience on both platforms.

Advantages of Facebook:

● Useful for education
● Stay connected
● Helps find people with similar interests and preferences
● Useful for marketing
● Good for business
● Easy dissemination of information
● Direct connection with the audience/target group
● Helps build your brand

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