At MA Tech Solutions BPO DevOps engineers are one of the most certified engineers. Whenever a project/product hits our desk the DevOps engineers make sure that how the space work is going to get held. What are the basic root cause functionalities and what teams are going to get involved in the whole process and what hands-on tools will be required etc.

DevOps Life Cycle

 DevOps Life Cycle

The devOps life cycle includes all the project details from scratch to deployment and makes sure that there are no bottleneck problems In the project.

The following are included in the Planning of DevOps.

● Creating Backlogs

Creating Backlogs is a very important part of DevOps as product backlogs correspond to your plan, the roadmap of what your plan to deliver, and what things are committed in the project.

● Track Bugs

Tracking all the bugs which were happened during the dev and testing process, marking those bugs, and making sure those bugs are not in the final deployment. This process makes everything clear understanding between teams and certainly developers.

Tracking the bugs

● Manage Agile Software development with Scrum

Agile methodologies help to speed up the process of project development whereas Scrum helps in implementing Agile methodologies of the software.

 Agile Software development with Scrum

● Use Kanban boards

Kanban was introduced by Japanese industrial engineer Taiichi Ohno . Kanban means a signboard or a billboard it is a process that is used to avoid bottleneck problems. Kanban Visualizes the work as TO-DO, Doings, and Done which helps the teams to interact and makes the delivery more rapid and fast.

Kanban-boards DevOps

● Visualize progress dashboards

Progress dashboards are used when the timeline and every batch developed is on the go these dashboards are 100% authentic and clients can visualize what is the current status of the project.

Visualize-dashboards DevOps

CI/CD concepts in DevOps

The CI/CD concepts are used where continuous integrations and continuous deployment keep the project up to the mark.

CI/CD concepts in DevOps

Application DevOps

Applications usually refer to mobile and web Applications or a merger of both web and mobile keeping the backend and database centralized while implementing any suitable container models which will not affect the CI/CD of that application.

Five Core Services

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