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Audios & Videos play a huge role when it comes to branding your business or just promoting your own self. In this era, everything a person sees and hears influences their brain in away that people decide to take steps accordingly.
Since everything is going digital these days, you should definitely consider working your way out on using audio and videos in your work as a promotional movement. MA Tech Solutions BPO is here to assist you with that.

What is Audio & Video Editing:

Audio and Video editing are two different aspects of editing but they are parallel to each other. So let’s discuss them separately:

Video Editing:

Video editing is the process of manipulating video by rearranging different shots and scenes to create a completely new output. It can be as simple as connecting different scenes and shots using simple video transitions and it can be as complicated as adding different computergenerated images (CGI), sound, and connecting different elements, which can take years, and thousands of man-hours. and millions of dollars to achieve, as in big-budget films.

Video editing is the process of assembling, cleaning, and finishing a video for presentation or output. It is mostly used to describe post-production work, which is the work done after all the footage and shots have been taken and all that remains to be done is to put them together to create the final output.

However, video editing is mostly used to refer to amateur productions and other professional but still small works such as television stations and news networks. In contrast, for professional cinematography and Hollywood productions, video editing is only a small part of postproduction work.

Video Editing Services:

You can benefit yourself or your business by availing of these video editing services as it’s one of the best ways to brand.

● Movie Editing
● Real Estate Video Editing
● Video Brochure
● Corporate Videos
● Home Video Editing
● Interview Video Editing Services
● Wedding Video Editing
● YouTube Videos / Shorts
● Explainer Video Creation
● Video Summary
● 360 Video Editing Services
● Sports Video Editing Services
● Family Video Editing
● Holiday Video Editing
● Video Cropping
● Video Trimming
● Video Clipping Services
● Video Stabilizing Services
● Video Tagging Services

● Vlog Video Editing Services
● Film Re-Editing Services
● Drone Video Editing Services
● Virtual Reality Post-Production Services
● Testimonial Video Editing Services
● Product Video Editing Services
● 3D Explainer Video Production Services
● Picture Video Editing Services
● Sales Pitch Video Editing Services
● YouTube Monitoring Services
● Client Testimonial Videos
● Corporate Presentations for Online Use
● Documentaries
● Educational Videos
● Event Videos
● Short Films
● Training Videos
● TV Commercials

MA-Tech Solutions BPO and our Team are ready to endeavor to help you with your Audio and

Video Editing Goals:

There are many reasons for editing video, and your approach to editing will depend on the desired result. Before you begin, you must clearly define your modification goals, which may include any of the following:

● Delete unwanted shots

This is the easiest and most common editing task. Many videos can be dramatically improved by simply removing faulty or unwanted parts.

● Select the best shots

It's common to shoot far more footage than you actually need and choose only the best material for the final edit. You often shoot several versions (takes) of a shot and choose the best one when editing.

● Development of Design

It involves finalizing the design structure and specifying items such as materials, doors, locations, and general details of a structure.

● Create a flow

Most videos serve a purpose, such as telling a story or providing information. Editing is a critical step in making your video flow in a way that achieves this goal.

● Add effects, graphics, music, etc

This is often the "wow" part of editing. You can enhance most videos (and have a lot of fun) by adding additional elements.

● Change the style, tempo, or mood of the video

A good editor will be able to create subtle mood prompts in the video. Techniques such as mood music and visual effects can influence how the audience will respond.

● Give your video a specific "angle"

A video can be edited to promote a particular point of view, convey a message or serve an agenda.

Types of Video Editing & Marketing Trends we follow:

In the coming years, video marketing will continue to grow in popularity as a way to connect with consumers and increase traffic, brand awareness and sales.While the specific video marketing trends that will dominate are hard to predict, we can expect the use of video to become even more common across all channels, including social media, website landing pages, and email marketing campaigns. Content creators and businesses should focus on video ideas that are more creative, engaging, and tailored to their specific audience

take a look at some of the top video marketing trends we focus on:

● Short-form videos in social media stories
● User-generated video content
● Unedited smartphone videos
● Vlogs
● Vertical videos
● Interactive shoppable videos on social media reels
● AR and VR video content
● Animated explainer videos
● Social media video ads
● Livestream videos and live webinars

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Audio Editing:

When you think of audio editing, what exactly comes to mind? Most often, when we think of editing, we often don't think of music or sound. In fact, in many cases, it is more common to think of writing in relation to editing. In fact, editing audio is a lot like editing a written document. Things are deleted, replaced, taken out, copied, and pasted just like in an essay or a novel. Only instead of manipulating words, you manipulate sounds. Audio editing is a way of editing, shortening or otherwise shifting a song or spoken audio to make it ideal for your listening or viewing pleasure.

With the advent of new technologies in audio editing, editing has become more precise and easier over the years. Software and hardware programs are designed specifically to help editors put together music or audio tracks. These programs are known as digital audio workstations (DAWs). The idea behind audio editing is usually to take a piece of music and dice it up so that it's error-free and consistent for listening.

Editing can be purely for audio (such as an audio podcast, music CD, etc.) or for video. For audio that needs to be synced with video, editors are equipped with a video clip and an audio clip that needs to be matched. Of course, the music video will not undergo any editing, since it is the part of the media that the music is supposed to adapt to (not the other way around).

In many cases, an audio editor is assigned a file that works with their particular DAW. They can then manipulate virtually every part of a musical composition. Most DAWs give you access to all the individual tracks that make up a complete song. This means editors get access to a vocal track, a guitar track (or other instrumental track), a drum track, and more. This is not just an mp3 audio file, but a song divided into individual tracks (or tracks). It is also conveniently placed into a visual interface generally rendered as a “curve”, which is a visual representation of each audio track.

Audio Editing Services:

You can benefit yourself or your business by availing these audio editing services from us as it’s another best way to gain attraction and increase audience attention.

● Remove unwanted interference in audio recording
● Remove repeated dialogues
● Add music intro/outro
● Stretch/shorten audio and sound effects according to the length of the visual.
● Loop, slice, and edit beats.
● AI-baseded or Human voice service

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