About Us

MA-Tech Solutions BPO knows the need for dedicated IT services, so our professionals work at their best to meet these needs. Being a professional software provider we deliver custom IT and Marketing solutions that are core components of dedicated IT services.

For all of your demands regarding the growth, branding, and marketing of your online business, there is one platform. Keeping an eye on process matrices and making decisions at the moment. delivering successful and independent solutions to outperform the crowd. Effectively used our marketing expertise to automate the procedures. Assisting in the growth of our client's revenue. Providing effective strategy, analysis, visualization, and process improvements for business insight to entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, small business owners, companies, and businesses in general. Change the way your company is growing by diversifying, enhancing, and doing so now. Due to the rapid advancement of technology and the limited amount of time available for consultation and business education, we are more than just consultants, we are the operators and offer the best prices in accordance with current market trends.

We assist organizations with locating market possibilities, creating a vision that the company can support, and brainstorming and outlining a future roadmap. Establishing the organization you require by Documenting everything. Our goal is customer happiness, from client experiences to digital tools for teams.

Our Team

Abdul-Manan CEO - MA Tech Solutions BPO

Abdul Manan

Mirza Amjid Owner - MA Tech Solutions BPO

Mirza Amjid

"Looking forward to assisting Businesses in working remotely is MA Tech Solutions BPO. With the assistance of our passionate staff, we are offering Cost-Effective Solutions for Qualitative Solutions for your Business. We offer a variety of user-friendly solutions across a range of industries. We look forward to providing the services that will satisfy the enormous demand for IT Consultancy & Web Solutions."
From startups to Fortune, MA-Tech Solution BPO have a team of designers, developers, salespeople, and marketers who can help you create and shape your company.

MA Tech Solutions BPO helps businesses with One Stop Solutions. Our mission is to serve our clients with superior services, leveraging the latest technologies. With a customer-centric approach, we exceed expectations by delivering projects on time while ensuring optimal quality. Our experienced team optimizes operational efficiency, driving business growth.